Journal Papers

J1. D. Zhong#, C. Wu#, Y. Jiang#, Y. Yuan, M. Kim, Y. Nishio, C. Shih, W. Wang, J. Lai, X. Ji, T. Gao, Y. Wang, Y. Zheng, Z. Yu, H. Gong, N. Matsuhisa, C. Xu, C. Zhao, Y. Lei, D. Liu, S. Zhang, Y. Ochiai, J. Tok, Z. Bao. “High-Speed and Large-Scale Intrinsically Stretchable Integrated Circuits.” Nature 627, 313–320, 2024. [Paper]
Featured in IEEE Spectrum, Stanford News, Tech Explore, EurekAlert, Bioengineer, Nature Asia, Mirage News.

J2. (Invited) C. Wu#, D. Zhong#, W. Wang, Y. Jiang, Y. Nishio, Y. Yuan, J. B. Tok, Z. Bao,  “Strain-Induced Performance Variation in Stretchable Carbon-Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors and the Solution  through a Circular Channel Design.” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices (T-ED), Special Issue, early access, 2024. [Paper]

J3. C. Wu, Y. Ma, S. Venkatesh, M. Ozatay, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, N. Verma. “A Monolithically-Integrable Reconfigurable Antennas based on Large-Area Electronics.” IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), early access, 2023. [Paper]

J4. Y. Ma#, C. Wu#, Y. Mehlman, S. Wagner, N. Verma, J. Sturm. “Material Aspects of Giga-Hertz ZnO TFTs for Wireless Systems.” MRS Advances 7, 265–272, 2022. [Paper]

J5. Y. Ma, C. Wu, N. Fata, P. Kumar, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, N. Verma. “Circuits and Systems based on Giga-Hertz Large-Area Electronics.” IEEE Open Journal of the Solid-State Circuits Society (OJ-SSCS), 2022. [Paper]

J6. C. Wu, Y. Mehlman, P. Kumar, T. Moy, H. Jia, S. Wagner, J. C. Sturm, N. Verma. “A Large-Area-Electronics Based Phased Array Operating at Gigahertz Frequency.” Nature Electronics, 4.10 (2021): 757-766. [Paper]
Featured in Nature Electronics News & Views, Princeton School of Applied Physics and Engineering, TechXplore, Mirage News, EurekAlert, Phys.org, ScienceDaily, Nanotechnology Now, and Eletimes.

J7. T. Moy, L. Huang, W. Rieutort-Louis, C. Wu, P. Cuff, S. Wagner, J. C. Sturm, and N. Verma. “An EEG Acquisition and Biomarker-Extraction System Using Low-Noise-Amplifier and Compressive-Sensing Circuits Based on Flexible, Thin-Film Electronics.” IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), vol. 52, no. 1, pp. 309-321, 2017. [Paper]

J8. X. Wang, H. Tian, M. A. Mohammad, C. Li, C. Wu, C. Y. Yang, and T. L. Ren. “A spectrally tunable all-graphene-based flexible field-effect light-emitting device.” Nature communications, 6(1), 1-6 (2015). [Paper]

J9. T. He#, Z. Tan#, C. Wu#, X. Wang, M. A. Mohammad, D. Xie, Y. Yang, J. Wang, L. Li, J. Xu, T. L. Ren. “Novel Field-effect Schottky Barrier Transistors based on Graphene-MoS2 heterojunctions.” Scientific Reports, 4, 5951 (2014).  [Paper]

J10. H. Tian, H. Chen, T. L. Ren, C. Li, Q. Xue, M. A. Mohammad, C. Wu, Y. Yang, and H.-S. Wong. Cost-effective, transfer-free, flexible resistive random access memory using laser-scribed reduced graphene oxide patterning technology.” Nano letters, 14(6), 3214-3219 (2014). [Paper]

J11. H. Tian, He, S. Ma, H. Zhao, C. Wu, J. Ge, D. Xie, Y. Yang, and T. L. Ren. Flexible electrostatic nanogenerator using graphene oxide film.” Nanoscale, 5(19), pp.8951-8957 (2013). [Paper]

J12. J. Tang, C. Wang, W. Jiang, L. Chang, Y. Fan, M. Chan, C. Wu, M. Hung, P. Liu, H. Yang, H. Tuan, L. Chen and K. Wang “Electrical probing of magnetic phase transition and domain wall motion in single-crystalline Mn5Ge3 nanowire.” Nano letters 12.12 (2012): 6372-6379. [Paper]

Conference Proceedings

C1. C. Wu#, D. Zhong#, W. Wang, Y. Jiang, Y. Nishio, Y. Yuan, J. B. Tok, Z. Bao,A Device Design Approach to Mitigate Strain Impact on Stretchable Carbon-Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors”, 2023 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), Dec. 2023 (top ranked student paper). [Paper] [Slides]

C2. Y. Ma, C. Wu, Y. Mehlman, S. Wagner, N. Verma, and J. C. Sturm, “ZnO TFTs for Giga-Hertz Wireless Systems without Sub-micron Lithography— Maximizing fT, fMAX, and |ZOFF/ZON|”, Materials Research Society (MRS) – Fall meeting, Nov. 2021. [Slides]

C3. (Invited) C. Wu#, Y. Ma#, Y. Mehlman#, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, and N. Verma. “Gigahertz Large-Area Electronic Devices and Circuits for Wireless Applications”, 2021 28th International Workshop on Active-Matrix Flat-panel Displays and Devices (AM-FPD), May 2021. [Paper] [Slides]

C4. Z. Li#, C. Wu#, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, N. Verma, and K. Jamieson. “REITS: Re-flective Surface for Intelligent Transportation Systems”, 22nd International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (HotMobile), March 2021. [Paper] [Slides]

Featured in Newscientist.

C5. C. Wu, Y. Ma, Z. Li, S. Venkatesh, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, and N. Verma. “Gigahertz Large-Area-Electronics RF Switch and its Application to Reconfigurable Antennas”, 2020 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), December 2020. [Paper] [Slides]

C6. (Keynote) J. Sturm, Y. Mehlman, L. Aygun, C. Wu, Z. Zheng, P. Kumar, S. Wagner, N. Verma. “Machine Learning and High-Speed Circuity in Thin-Film Transistors for Sensor Interfacing in Hybrid Large-Area Electronic Systems”, ECS Transactions, October 2019. [Paper]

C7. Y. Mehlman, C. Wu, S. Wagner, N. Verma, and J. Sturm. “Gigahertz Zinc-Oxide TFT-Based Oscillators”, Device Research Conference (DRC), June 2019 (Best student paper). [Paper]

C8. (Invited) M. Ozatay, L. Aygun, H. Jia, P. Kumar, Y. Mehlman, C. Wu, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, and N. Verma. “Artificial intelligence meets large-scale sensing: Using Large-Area Electronics (LAE) to enable intelligent spaces”, 2018 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), April 2018. [Paper]

C9. C. Wu, Y. Mehlman, T.Moy, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, and N. Verma. “Sensor Data Compression by Large-area Electronics to Reduce Large-area to VLSI Physical Interface Connections in Hybrid Systems.” Flex Conference, March 2016 (Best Student Poster). [Poster]

C10. H. Tian, Y. Yang, D. Xie, Y. Shu, Y. Cui, C. Wu, H. Cai, and T. L. Ren. ”Wafer-scale flexible graphene strain sensors”, 2013 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), December 2013. [Paper]

C11. Q. Shao, C. Zhao, C. Wu, J. Zhang, Z. Yu. “Compact Model and Projection of Silicon Nanowire Tunneling Transistors (NW-TFETs).” 2013 IEEE International Conference of Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC), 2013. [Paper]


P1. C. Wu#, Y. Ma#, S. Venkatesh, Z. Li, S. Wagner, J. Sturm, and N. Verma. “A Passive Backscattering Tag with Large-aperture Beamforming Capability based on Large-Area Electronics .” Under review, 2023.

P2. M. Khatib, E. Zhao, S. Wei, A. Abramson, E. Bishop, C. Chen, A. Thomas, C. Xu, J. Park, Y. Lee, R. Hamnett, W. Yu, S. Root, L. Yuan, D. Chakhtoura, K. Kim, D. Zhong, Y. Nishio, C. Zhao, C. Wu, Y. Jiang, A. Zhang, J. Li, W. Wang, F. Jazi, T. Rafeeqi, N. Hemed, J. B. Tok, X. Chen, J. Kaltschmidt, J. Dunn, Z. Bao. "Spiral NeuroString: High-Density Soft Bioelectronic Fibers for Multimodal Sensing and Stimulation." Under review, 2023. [bioRxiv]


P1. C. Wu, Y. Ma, S. Wagner, J. C. Sturm, N. Verma. “Passive Backscattering Beamformer based on Large-Area Electronics.” Under review, 2021.

P2. D. Zhong, Y. Jiang, C. Wu, Z. Bao. “Materials, devices, and manufacturing methods for high-speed and large-scale intrinsically stretchable electronics.” Under review, 2022.


Can Wu. Large-Area Electronics for Wireless-Sensing Applications. Ph.D. Dissertation, Princeton University (2021). [Paper] [Slides]